Terms and conditions

eKapuwa is an online matrimonial service which provides their services subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions before using this web Site.


You must be 18 years or above in order to use this web site. Your must only use this web site if you want to find a partner for yourself or to your know person such as child/children, relation, sibling or friend.


The sole purpose of this web site is to help singles (specially for Sri Lankans) to find their life partners through the Internet. The website should not use as a social network site.


Users can create profiles by registering in the web site. The web site collects essential informarion of the users during the registration process and users are responsible for the information they are provided and must provide correct information all the time. eKapuwa assumes information provided by the users are always correct. Web site doesn't allow to edit essential details such as Gender, Birthdate onces provided in order to prevent misuse. It is user's responsibilty to maintain their profiles by providing correct and uptodate information.

Behalf profiles

Users can create profiles behalf of the people they know. Users can create profiles as parents, siblings, relations or friends of the people represented by the profiles. Users may provide their own email adresses when creating behalf profiles or they should inform the people represented by the profiles in case they provide email adresses of the people represent by the profiles.

Profile picture

Registered users must upload their real picture if they create profiles themselves. Users who create behalf profiles must upload the real pictures of the people represent by the profile. Other pictures such as animals, acters will be removed immediately without prior notice.


Registered users need to subscribe in order to get full access to the features such as messaging and sending picture requests. Subscriptions are monthly based and available for next 30 days from the subscribed date. eKapuwa has the right to modify the prices of subscriptions at any time.

Payments and refund policy

Payments can be done through any major type of cards or paypal. Payments are handled by international financial company. Once subscribed, paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances in the future.


eKapuwa does not display the identity information of the users such as names, email addresses, birthdays publicly in the website. All the collected information are safely stored in secured storages. Personal information will not sell or rent to thirdparty and will disclose in legal cases if required.